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Personal Injury Defence Lawyers

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Our personal injury defence lawyers are equipped to defend clients facing a wide range of claims, whether via their insurers or on a private basis. We are able to assist you throughout the process, from pre-action correspondence all the way to trial, and at all times adopt a pragmatic approach to ensure the most cost-effective management of the case.

We have particular experience in defending sports-related personal injury claims, particularly amateur sports coaches and individuals, for example:

  • Football coaches
  • Wrestling coaches
  • Diving instructors
  • Fencing Coaches
  • Judo instructors
  • Leisure centres

We have defended several cases all the way to trial and will always fight our client’s corner where merited, but from the outset we will also engage with other parties’ lawyers in a spirit of dialogue and communication, to ensure the best possible outcome. We will identify, at an early stage, cases which should be settled and those which can and should be contested, always with one eye on minimising both costs and the stress endured by our clients in what can be unsettling proceedings.

Pre-Action Correspondence

If you have received correspondence from a Claimant’s solicitors setting out allegations against you (known as a “Letter of Claim”), it is important to seek expert legal advice as soon as possible. There are set rules and timeframes within which you will be expected to reply to the allegations in a “Letter of Response”, and our team of personal injury defence solicitors can help you make sure you use that time effectively, in order to produce a robust response – or, where necessary, to identify the best way of settling the claim before court proceedings are issued. If necessary, we have access to a bank of experienced medico-legal experts, who can help you to analyse the extent of a Claimant’s injuries and, more importantly, whether or not those injuries can be attributed to any actions on the part of the Defendant. We can then help you to devise the appropriate strategy and will correspond with the other side on your behalf. If it is not possible to resolve the matter pre-action, we are able to accept service of court proceedings on your behalf and go on the record with the court as your representatives.

Court Proceedings

If you have been told that a Claimant is going to serve court proceedings on you, and even more so if you have actually received court documentation, it is vital that you seek advice and representation as soon as possible, to ensure that all court deadlines are met, and that your defence case is put together as effectively as possible. Eastwoods’ team of personal injury defence lawyers has years of experience of dealing with court proceedings, and as a result we have access to barristers widely-regarded as leaders in the field. That means we can ensure you have access to the very best representation and advice, exactly when you need it most.

If you are being sued for personal injury, contact us today to speak to one of our lawyers and ensure you have the best possible advice from the outset.

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