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Employment Law Solicitors

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Eastwoods‘ experienced team of employment law solicitors provides expert advice to clients facing a wide-range of employment-related matters, from internal disciplinary investigations arising from performance issues, to Employment Tribunal Proceedings, appeals and High Court proceedings for injunctions and/or Judicial Review. Contact our team to seek the advice you need.

If you are involved in an employment dispute, or if you think your employer, client, customer or a colleague has raised concerns and you are at risk of disciplinary measures being taken against you, it is important to seek expert legal advice at an early stage. Eastwoods’ employment law solicitors are available to provide you with pragmatic, expert advice to help you navigate what are invariably stressful circumstances, which can have far-reaching consequences for your future employment and employability. We have solicitors available to advise you on issues including:

– Unfair Dismissal
– Racial Discrimination
– Sexual Discrimination
– Redundancy
– Unpaid Wages
– Whistleblowing
– Breach of Contract
– Constructive Dismissal
– Employment Tribunal Proceedings
– First Tier Tribunal Appeals
– Injunctions and Judicial Reviews

Our aim with all clients involved in employment disputes is to try and find a sensible, cost-effective means of resolving the issue, without the need for litigation, as that that is often both our client’s preference and is in their best interests. However, our priority is always to protect our client’s rights and where necessary we will commence legal proceedings, be that in in the Employment Tribunal, First Tier Tribunal, or in the High Court to seek injunctive relief or Judicial Review.

Our Healthcare expertise puts us in a particularly strong position to assist doctors and dentists facing Trust-related employment issues‎, during what can be daunting, stressful and emotionally draining times for our clients. We have years of experience of defending doctors and dentists across a wide range of issues, and are consistently ranked as leaders in the field of professional discipline/regulatory law.

Given Eastwoods’ other expertise, we are also well-placed to represent clients working in professional sport, the most high-profile examples being when we represented Dr Eva Carneiro in her dispute with Chelsea FC, as well as having assisted Dennis Wise following his dismissal from Leicester City FC.

Time Limits

If you are bringing a case in an Employment Tribunal, there is generally a three month time limit within which you have to lodge a claim, so it is important that you seek advice as quickly as possible if you think you might have the basis for a claim. Once a claim is commenced, the timetable of the case will usually be set by the Tribunal itself. The final resolution of the case (i.e. the final hearing) might not take place for several months depending on the capacity of the Tribunal system. If a case is settled by negotiation or mediation, the matter can conclude more quickly.


Eastwoods’ fees are charged on an hourly rate, which is also subject to VAT.  All those with day-to-day conduct of your case will be qualified solicitors, although they may be assisted by paralegals and/or trainees as necessary. Generally, we do not carry out work on a “no win, no fee” basis.

The cost of an Employment Tribunal will vary greatly on a case by case basis, depending on the type of case, the nature and amount of evidence, the number of witnesses and the behaviour of your opponent.  The range of issues to be decided in the case will affect the cost of the case. Costs could range from five to six figures . A very simple case might cost in the region of four figures.  We will provide you with an estimate of our fees at the start of the case, and will provide you with updates if there is any reason for the estimate to change.

Possible disbursements could include counsel’s fees (also subject to VAT) , expert witness fees, travel expenses and photocopying charges. The cost of counsel varies according to their seniority and experience, and the length of any hearing.

Any fee estimate we provide would include time spent in meetings and discussions with you, whether in person, by email or by telephone.  It also includes: consideration of your documentation and that provided by your opponent; drafting witness statements; corresponding with the Tribunal, your opponent and ACAS; considering your opponent’s evidence and discussing it with you; drafting your claim or a response to a claim; dealing with any settlement documents; instructing counsel; appearing at the Tribunal to represent you; and enforcing any Tribunal award.


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