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16 Mar 18

GMC Announces Terms of Reference for Gross Negligence Manslaughter Review

March 16, 2018

The GMC has confirmed the terms of reference for a cross-UK, independent review into how the offence of gross negligence manslaughter is to be applied in medical practice. The review will be led by Dame Clare Marx and will look into what needs to be done to improve existing law, processes and procedures, in the context of how the GMC will handle such cases as the regulator. Further details can be found here

The GMC’s announcement comes at a time when the government has also called for a review of medical manslaughter cases, with many suggesting that the law in England and Wales should be brought in line with the offence of Culpable Homicide in Scotland (where it needs to be established that the accused intentionally or recklessly committed an unlawful act which directly caused the death), thus making it harder for doctors to be prosecuted and/or convicted of such offences.