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HCPC Defence Lawyers

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If you are a social worker, paramedic, physiotherapist, radiographer, occupational therapist or any other professional regulated by the Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC), Eastwoods‘ experienced team of HCPC Defence Lawyers is able to help you if you receive a complaint. We are experienced at representing individuals facing HCPC investigations, including representing them at HCPTS hearings.

Investigating Committee

If you have been asked to submit a letter of observations to the HCPC’s Investigating Committee, what you say in that response can determine the outcome of the case. We can help you draft a strong response to the complaint which may convince the Investigating Committee to close the case at an early stage with no further action, and without the need for a hearing.

HCPTS Hearings

If your case has been referred for a hearing before the Health and Care Professions Tribunals Service (HCPTS), it is vital that you seek early advice and representation from expert HCPC Defence Solicitors .  As long-established leaders in the field of Professional Discipline, our lawyers are here to guide, assist and support you through the process, to maximise your chances of a successful outcome. If you are due to face an Interim Orders Hearing or a full, public hearing before a Conduct and Competence Committee, contact us today and we can help you prepare for the hearing, and arrange the expert representation you need to protect your registration.

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