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GMC Defence Lawyers for Doctors

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As specialists in the field, we have years of experience of defending doctors facing fitness to practise investigations by the General Medical Council (GMC). Whether you have been asked to submit a written response to a complaint, or have been summoned to a hearing before the Medical Practitioners Tribunal Service (MPTS), our team of GMC defence lawyers for Doctors has the expertise to help you through what can be a daunting process.

Rule 7/Case Examiner Responses

If you are contacted by the GMC and asked to submit a written response to a complaint, it is vital that you take advice at the earliest stage, as often what is said in the initial response to a complaint shapes the remainder of the investigation – in particular, whether or not the case should be referred for a full, public hearing before a Medical Practitioners Tribunal (MPT). Over the years, in drafting such responses, Eastwoods‘ team of experienced GMC defence solicitors has achieved considerable success with helping doctors to bring GMC investigations to an early conclusion, therefore avoiding a hearing before the MPT.

Interim Orders Tribunal (IOT) Hearings

Frequently, at the very beginning of a GMC investigation, doctors are summoned to appear before an Interim Orders Tribunal (IOT), to decide whether or not restrictions should be imposed on their registration whilst the substantive investigation is ongoing. Such restrictions, if imposed, can have a devastating impact on a doctor’s ability to work, and can remain in place for a considerable length of time, so it is essential to ensure that you are properly-represented at the hearing. Eastwoods’ GMC Defence lawyers have considerable experience of, and have achieved many positive results at, IOT hearings, either undertaking the advocacy ourselves, or working in conjunction with talented barristers who also specialise in the field.

Medical Practitioners Tribunals (Fitness to Practise Hearings)

Many GMC investigations will culminate in a hearing before a Medical Practitioners Tribunal (MPT), which will decide whether or not the allegations against a doctor are found proved, whether or not the doctor is fit to practice and, ultimately, whether or not to take action against the doctor’s registration. If you are summoned to such a hearing, it is essential that you are properly advised and robustly represented, to secure the best possible outcome. Eastwoods has a proven track record in successfully defending doctors at MPT hearings and we have established ourselves as leaders in the field. Contact us today to ensure you have the best chance of achieving the right result.

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