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Bribery Defence Solicitors

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Since the Bribery Act 2010 came into force, there has been a sharpened focus on investigations and, where deemed serious enough, prosecutions of both individuals and organisations connected with bribery offences. Eastwoods’ bribery defence solicitors are here to help you if you find yourself involved or implicated in such an investigation. Whether it is an investigation by the Serious Fraud Office (SFO) against a person or persons involved with allegations of corruption, or companies under scrutiny for failing to prevent bribery, the potential fallout is significant and it is therefore essential to secure advice from a bribery defence lawyer as early as possible.

The definition and scope of bribery offences has widened since the Bribery Act 2010 came into force, with several high profile cases showing how seriously such offences as now treated. Often, the biggest pressure on companies is in identifying inappropriate behaviour on the part of employees and agents and knowing what to do if bribery and corruption are suspected. It is therefore important to secure advice on how to prevent an offence occurring, how to conduct an internal investigation and what action to take. Eastwoods’ bribery defence solicitors can provide you with that preventative advice, to help you nip an issue in the bud before it escalates.

If you are under investigation, whether by the Police or, for example, the Serious Fraud Office or
NHS Counter Fraud Authority, we can assist you from the outset, all the way to trial if necessary. Our criminal defence solicitors are adept and highly-experienced at guiding clients through police interviews, which are vital in shaping how (and whether) a case proceeds and its ultimate outcome. If you or your company are charged with an offence, we can represent you at the Magistrates’ Court and if it comes to a Crown Court trial, we have longstanding relationships with many of the UK’s leading barristers, so you can rest assured of receiving the highest quality, most robust defence possible.

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